Our Testimonials

Cramer Ball, CEO, Airline Seychelles

"I started training with Ramin in Bangkok in September 2009. Before I started training with Ramin, my lifestyle was out of balance. I did not focus on my diet, proper exercise, health goals and measurement against my goals/targets. I have always done competitive sports and seemed to keep reasonably fit, however, I thought I was doing enough by jumping on the treadmill and doing some work in the gym. I was strong in the upper body but nowhere else. I did not realize until I met Ramin how out of balance I was and that I had poor flexibility, inadequate core and lower body strength and particularly poor leg strength. I weighed 87kg.

Unfortunately due to a new job and moving from Bangkok I had to stop training with Ramin in January 2012. At this point I had managed to reduce my weight to 73kg (I had lost 14kg!!), I had significantly improved my core and lower body strength, and had far better flexibility. I feel great and look far healthier. I could not have achieved this without Ramin.

Training with Ramin was key to getting my health and fitness back on track. He designed a program according to my goals, regularly measured my performance, varied my program and made my sessions and exercise enjoyable (he even managed this at 5.30am). He incorporated total body health into my program and lifestyle – including overall strength, core strength, fitness, flexibility and diet.

Ramin also keeps up to date with current fitness techniques and incorporated this into my program. I actually learnt quite a lot from him.

The other aspect of training with Ramin that proved critical to keeping me motivated and on track was his flexibility to work around my hectic travel schedule.

I (and many others) have seen a big and very positive change in my health and appearance over the past two-plus years – I almost cannot believe the change when I look back at the photos. I mostly have Ramin to thank for this. Obviously, I would highly recommend training with Ramin."

Liana Ball, wife of Cramer Ball

Working with Ramin to achieve physical strength and a better body shape has been extremely rewarding - particularly when you see the results! Ramin has a sound understanding of what is required to be healthier, fitter and stronger. He is results driven and helped me achieve my goal by managing my body statistics which helped me stay on track. Had I not moved abroad I would have continued this journey of positive change with Ramin by my side, guiding me.

Stefan Kalson, Head of Asia Division, Oriflame

"I have been training with Ramin for one year in Bangkok, 1-2 times per week. I started from a fairly bad position, no regular exercise for 20 years and a desk job combined with irregular travelling every week.

Ramin has, with his positive attitude and enormous energy, meant a huge deal for me coming back into a training mode again. I think Ramin has the perfect balance of pushing for results and at the same time listening and feeling where the limits are. Ramin is very flexible and always on time for appointments. He is organised and applies a great variation to the training. AND he is getting results!

I can strongly recommend Ramin for personal training assignments!"

Quotes from students of one of your group fitness class who work at Oriflame

“Ramin is very nice, teaches and explains very clearly, and pays attention to all students.”

“His training has helped us to release stress from work and helped us to relax and have better health from sitting in the office for long hours.”

“The trainer is nice and patient.”

“I like the class. The flow is a bit fast, but not too difficult to follow.”

“It’s a good initiative from the company to introduce this yoga class, it encourages me to be more health conscious. Yoga is to me an alternative to meditation, which also promotes concentration and focus at work.”

“This class shows the company cares about its employees. It helps the company image and perception is good from employees’ point of view.”

“These classes have been great. I'm getting old, but this is not too hard or too fast to follow compared to other fitness classes.”

“This is the only exercise I do, so I think this definitely helps me cope with my office syndrome!”

“Any computer or machine needs some maintenance over a period of time to run better. These classes are my maintenance.”