Small group fitness training


Small group fitness training is a way of staying fit and keeping in shape whether it’s with a group of friends, loved ones or other people. Nowadays, group fitness is becoming more popular and is a fun and safe way of working out.

Benefits of small group fitness training

  • Cost effective: The price session (depending on your commitment and size of the group) can be almost a quarter of the price you will pay for personal training.
  • Motivating: Most people who have played either sports or worked out with other people have found group fitness classes more enjoyable. A bit of healthy competition is good for driving people who need that extra boost when training. Seeing other people train and having a good time is motivating and inspires you to push harder and train to the best of your ability.
  • Learning something new: After attending a few classes you will be able to take home some knowledge of new exercises that are safe, functional and beneficial for your health.
  • Safety: Doing group training with a qualified personal trainer will give you the added benefit of working out with your friends in a safe and controlled environment. This will decrease the chances of injury when training alone.
  • Measuring progress: Working out with other people can actually show you how fit you are compared to other members of the group. This can motivate you to become as fit as other fitter participants and will give you a benchmark of your own level of fitness. As your group trainer, I will not only be assessing your class’s progress but will be assessing you individually to see if you are on target to reach your goal.
  • Greater sense of well being: Participating in group fitness training can improve your self esteem by allowing you to see people doing exercises you thought were impossible to do. Realizing you can do them to will give you more confidence when training and will improve your emotional and physical well being.

Four components of a small group fitness training session

  1. Foam rolling (Optional, however strongly recommended): This is based on the concept of myofasical release. The objective is to find any stiffness within your body and release the tension by applying pressure from a foam roller to those areas to be able to move better when training.
  2. MAMP (mobility, activation, movement, preparation): In other words, a warm up! The objective is to warm up the entire body to prepare it for exercise. We do specific, functional exercises that target all the major muscle groups.
  3. Workout: Strength/functional training, intervals, circuits, supersets, core work, mobility drills, agility and balance drills, fitness games, partner drills, TRX training, plyo-metric training and much more.
  4. Flexibility training/yoga: This is done at the end of each session when your body is warm and the most limber. The objective is to target all the major muscles groups with a variety of different stretches that will be different each session.