My Philosophy


For as long as I remember I have exercised. In fact I loved it so much that I made it my career. Throughout my life I have practiced gymnastics, martial arts, weightlifting, yoga and played a variety of sports. These exercises have had an important impact in my life and helped me through some rough times. I have learned that exercise can be a powerful tool for relieving stress, overcoming addictions and generally improving the quality of life. I now strive to show others the many benefits of exercise and how being physically fit can positively affect your attitude and behavior as well as your health.

Not all exercises are suited to all people. Part of your journey with me will be to discover which exercise best fits you. My aim is to train my clients and get them in the best shape of their lives. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve sports performance, increase your strength and flexibility or basic overall fitness, I can help you succeed.

How I Work

I believe that to achieve an optimum balance in your fitness and physical health, you need to be both strong and flexible. This is why I provide strength/functional training together with yoga.

I believe health is the most important thing we have in life. While family, friends, financial security and work satisfaction are all important to your well being, they mean little if you are not in good health to enjoy them. For this reason, I believe that focusing on improving health and fitness levels will positively impact on every aspect of your life. This is why I chose to become a personal trainer; I love to exercise and help people improve their quality of life. I strongly believe that physical function can be improved at any age.

Strength/functional training

I started lifting weights as a teenager and for many years I was doing traditional bodybuilding training. I was getting strong but the road to achieving a decent amount of physical strength was long. This all changed when I became a certified personal trainer and learnt about functional training and movement pattern training. I decided to experiment and within six months I achieved more than I did from five years of traditional bodybuilding training. I was very happy with the results and started extensively researching functional training. I found that this type of training not only produces faster results, but that it in fact works with the natural way our bodies are designed to move. I now understand that functional training is the most effective way to train and the most logical when it comes to getting in shape.

My method of training is full body functional training. This compromises training the body as one unit through training different movement patterns and movement planes. Sport conditioning coaches all around the world recognize that training in isolation is not functional and training movement patterns are functional and are more beneficial to improving your physique.

Flexibility training/yoga

I have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and not only is it a great form of exercise, but it has changed my lifestyle, dramatically improving the way I live. Before I started yoga, my body was strong, but rather inflexible and very uncoordinated. After practicing yoga for six months, I saw tremendous results and felt great.

Yoga has made me physically flexible and mentally strong, improved my coordination and body awareness, increased my ability to concentrate, corrected my physical imbalances, decreased my stress levels, improved my posture and given me a greater sense of well being.

I believe that yoga is critical to maintaining a strong, flexible and healthy body and mind. I believe this so much that I became a qualified yoga instructor. Let me teach you the benefits of this ancient form of physical art.

About my Courses